Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jeanne Assam talks to Kate Krueger

Jeanne Assam talked last week with Kate Krueger's Talking Guns on Arizona Gun Radio 1260 & 96.1.

Click here to Listen (at 15:00)

Second Hour (JA it mentioned at 18:00)

Special Thanks to Massad Ayoob for facilitating this interview.  Mas was one of the first people I though of when I began seeking advocates for Jeanne. It was an honor to meet him in St. Louis.

Kate has an interesting page of guest links, some of whom I met at the NRA Meeting and delivered my 30 second pitch about Assam's book (that you can buy on my side bar).

Deb Ferns of WOMA

Julie G from Team S&W

and Kathy Jackson  who runs the Cornered Cat.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Please Vote for Mitt Romney.

Looks to me like there are many gun bloggers that would rather go full wookie than pull the lever for the Massachusetts Android.  I can understand this, but  I don't think it is a wise move and I would ask then to consider the following.

Here are the top five reasons to vote for Mitt Romney in November.

5.  Supreme

4.  Court

3.  Justice

2.  Eric

1.  Holder

h/t to Ed Morrissey (who said he got it somewhere else.)

P.S. Can some one explain to me why Mitt's gun control sins are worse than Ronald Regan's ???

Monday, April 16, 2012

Internets. I can haz Winning the???

Mad Saint Jack
Fanboy shakes... I haz them
· Saturday at 11:48am via mobile

For the record My Breda fanboyhood is unwavering even though I was reading Massad Ayoob as a teenager.

But I really did feel like I was shaking after I met him.

Black Sunday

Take me ho-o-oummmm...