Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Jeanne Assam talks to Kate Krueger

Jeanne Assam talked last week with Kate Krueger's Talking Guns on Arizona Gun Radio 1260 & 96.1.

Click here to Listen (at 15:00)

Second Hour (JA it mentioned at 18:00)

Special Thanks to Massad Ayoob for facilitating this interview.  Mas was one of the first people I though of when I began seeking advocates for Jeanne. It was an honor to meet him in St. Louis.

Kate has an interesting page of guest links, some of whom I met at the NRA Meeting and delivered my 30 second pitch about Assam's book (that you can buy on my side bar).

Deb Ferns of WOMA

Julie G from Team S&W

and Kathy Jackson  who runs the Cornered Cat.

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