Friday, July 22, 2011

Yea or Nay

What would you recommend for a budget house gun?

Maybe for someone short in stature (but not status) who has a predilection for .45 ACP?

I have been wondering about the Hi-Point 4595 carbine?

 Stop Laughing...

I know Hi-Points have a reputation as a pot metal boat anchor, but I have also heard they go bang every time. A few year ago (wow it was 2002) Gun Test Magazine tested a 9mm carbine from Hi-Point and rated it a Best Buy.

Here are some links.

Firearms Blog on the 45

Gun Blast on the 9

And a video review.

Edit: Down side is the 4595 is heavy 7.5lbs and low capacity 9 rds.

This is interesting, or it would be if you could share mags between a        1911 and 4595. There are 15 rd 1911 mags...

So what da ya think? Yea or Nay? (This is the part where you comment.)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Free Advice

Anybody want to grade my work, as I have never shot an H&K or a Makarov?

I want to get a CCW, and it is possible now where I live.
Advice needed:
I have two candidates for carry, an HK USP Compact in 9mm and a Makarov in 9X18. Which would be the best choice? The HK is more powerful, but the Mak is slimmer. In our CCW permit system, you have to list the pistol you will be carrying, as well as qualify on it, so I have to decide soon.
Makarov is fine for what it is, BUT it is like you are asking should I drive a BMW or a Yugo.
Wiki says the Mak is not drop safe.
Can you get the safety off on the Mak under pressure??? (you could carry it DA safety off)
It can be hard to find defense ammo for the Mak, CCI Blazer has some Gold Dot JHPs.
H&K will have better sights, better trigger, more ammo, and better ammo selection, and I think 9mm ammo is a bit cheaper.
Weight and length are very close.
mad saint jack 

I love it when Hot Air devolves into gun talk.

EDIT: I am assuming They own these two guns...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

News: cut and paste

Lazy Blogging Ahead.

 Cato Institute 
 by MadStJack
 by MadStJack
 Theo Spark 
 by MadStJack

Monday, July 18, 2011

Mexican tourism down due to violence

More from my friend Fausta.

Cruise lines may cut in run in Mexico.

Looking back at the Map of the dead it shows a car bomb in Puerto Vallarta.