Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Please Vote for Mitt Romney.

Looks to me like there are many gun bloggers that would rather go full wookie than pull the lever for the Massachusetts Android.  I can understand this, but  I don't think it is a wise move and I would ask then to consider the following.

Here are the top five reasons to vote for Mitt Romney in November.

5.  Supreme

4.  Court

3.  Justice

2.  Eric

1.  Holder

h/t to Ed Morrissey (who said he got it somewhere else.)

P.S. Can some one explain to me why Mitt's gun control sins are worse than Ronald Regan's ???

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  1. I’ve asked myself the same question and I keep returning to three possibilities:

    1. Gun bloggers tend to ascribe to the “Do it my way or I’ll take my ball and go home” model of childhood pickup ball games where the rules were somewhat flexible to say the least;

    2. The bloggosphere has created a universe where rational thought (such as accepting that in life one is often faced by two less than ideal choices; that is just the way it is, and; often, while bad changes happen suddenly, good change happens incrementally) can be dismissed out of hand with a snarky comment and a quick delete, or;

    3. The bloggers who would rather vote Obama (or just sit home rather than vote for Romney over the gun issues) are actually alien insurgents embedded in the gun culture years ago and left inactive until their handler quietly activated the cell with a worldwide microwave burst transmission.

    Now if you will excuse me I believe I’m running low on heavy duty tinfoil.


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