Saturday, June 11, 2011

Out on the town

My friend Gary (click to listen) has a gig tonight (8-12) at Blinker Tavern so stop by if you are local.

(I'm pretty sure no one local is reading my blog.)

(Ass-u-me.)  Just saw an amazing greeting post from Mark at Baby Troll Blog.
Also discounted my blog brother Merlin.

Fyi many years ago Gary was lead singer for a band called mad saint jack.

(yes, fanboyhood is in my nature.)

Edit: My friends Gary and (Icouldtellyoubuti'dhavetokillyou) were there.  Where were you?

Next Friday (June 17th) Gary will be playing again. Same time same place, plan accordingly.

I posed her for this pic. I am ashamed to share the same series of tubes with Oleg Volk.

That wasn't it

 Mad Saint Jack 

¿Habla Español?


It's ok my friend Fausta is keeping an eye on thing for you.

Argentina and the Falklands

Random RedEye

I got nothing. Good night.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Glock Service Revolver

Ah Ha! we can finally supply the MSM with stock photos.  And it's a machine gun too!

Over at the Firearm Blog.

Sympathy For The Breda

Back just went pop... going to chiro...

Chiro on vacation.  Have to see the partner tomorrow.
Good thing I listen to:

Vicious Circle 29 – Bug out Bags

Which talks about having an emergency pain meds on hand.

Hot Air Comedy Club

Just because Allahpundit posts more of the sad sordid story of Congressman Weiner, doesn't mean we can't laugh:

I an sure Weiner supports a woman’s right to choose
(I am a very bad man.)

(FYI that's a divorce joke.)

I have a blog sister?

You ever have one of those Luke Skywalker kind of days?

My advice is to turn back now. Seriously there is too much internet for me to handle.

My Plan

An email story.

MSJ:    I am going to bring this to cland and you are going to hold it and
            mike is going to take your pic and you are going to write a post for
            "link whore bottom feeder bloggers."

Breda:  Dear god....WHAT IS THAT THING!?!?!?

Stay tuned...

The good old days

When Alan was nice to me.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yo Dog, I heard you like Spyderco

I may have found my calling on the blogosphere.

Must kill Alan

things to do

1. kill Alan

Herman Cain and Gun Control

Breda told me I need to write something to get people to comment.

Funny thing is I seem to write better on Hot Air that on my blog.

My friend Jazz Shaw has a post about a CNN interview in which Herman Cain Answers a query that he is OK with state level gun control laws.

And I'm OK with Herman Cain.

Here is my comment in Full.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Channeling the Channel

An email story.

MSJ:    Bad news ;)  Guess which post is #2...

Breda:  Which?

MSJ:    Rule 5 Stacy McCain is right.

Breda:  Sigh.

MSJ:     LOL. I might have to post that.

Breda:   :P             Okay

This post has spawned.

The internet is now perfect

Was looking for that for a long time.

What a Blog is For

Link baiting your friends.

Sarjex is Artiste in Residence at the Green Room

The Argument for Pants

How poor personal hygiene can ruin a wedding.

Hat Tip to the Hot Air Headlines.

Disclaimer: In no way does this post imply that Robb Allen has poor hygiene.

After Midnight

AM 1280 The Patriot (re) plays The Dennis Miller Show from 12 to 3 AM.

If you need something to do before Red Eye is on.