Thursday, June 14, 2012

Serving Faithfully

Speaking of Kukris.

Here is a BBC documentary on the Gurkhas. 

Click this link and all 6 parts will auto play.

I have no idea what the British are thinking cutting Gurka Regiments. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ice Breaker

My very first Kukri, and the start of my knife collection. It was love at first sight. Bought at the Ohio Renaissance Festival about 18 years ago, today it is battered and abused.

I don't recall that I ever really sharpened it. Still it managed to take down a small tree (or was it a large bush) in a friend's back yard.

It's true calling however was breaking ice. I may have used it on the side walk a few times, and I remember using it to carefully remove very thick ice from my car windshield.  

But the main event was at my restaurant job, where I used it to de-ice the tile floor in the walk-in freezer.
It did the job well, but it suffered the price. The edge of the blade has been beaten completely flat.
 Usurped by my Cold Steel LTC Kukri (which gets abused doing yard work) This blade has been retired for years. But it served faithfully and did everything asked of it. As a Kukri should.