Saturday, February 25, 2012

Hold my Beer and Watch This

From Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy.

First several times I watched this I thought there was a cameraman downrange (at 6:40). 

I was about to get all outraged on the internet, but taking one last look it seems like Larry takes several steps behind the firing line that the cameraman is standing on. Or is he? 

Here is another video from behind the line.  Looks to me like the cameramen are a few steps in front of the firing line. Okay one step for the cameraman on the left.

The cameraman on the right? If he was on the line wouldn't he be "in the shot" around 6:29? (First vid.)

Now I'm too confused to be outraged. Help me out here...

Side note: never heard of Dragon Man before. Looks like he hosts an annual machine gun shoot.

What is the gun at 4:17? Looks like a Tommy Gun but it is a side cocker.
OK googled up the M1 and M1A1.

I like the MG vids more than the TV show.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Black Sunday

Deal Alert (CCI 22)

If you live near a Dunham's Sports (Mid West down to TN) they are offering a printable in store coupon for the next ten days on one of my favorite flavors of .22 ammo CCI Blazer.

They also have a coupon on Winchester 9mm NATO (if you like that sort of thing/ I have not shot it).

And Surplus 308.

You can also check your local stores for weekly sales and Sunday/ Monday Specials.

UPDATE: Also got a Tactical Golf Hat. Two days left.