Saturday, June 9, 2012

UK Pen Knife

Grabbed a New Spyderco at the gun show today.  A  UK Pen Knife drop point.

Keep your index finger in the choil.
 Where Great Britain Used To Be You can't carry a locking knife without a good reason.

Spyderco's non-locking, one-hand open, clip carry folders are called SLIPITS.  Starting in 2004, Spyderco launched a folding knife model called the UK Penknife, targeted for carry in the United Kingdom where newly imposed legal restrictions forbade folding knives with locking blades.  As the SLIPIT concept gains momentum Spyderco keeps expanding the line with folders in varying sizes, steels and handles.  Newly added are Lightweight SLIPITS.

Lightweight UK Penknife blades are held open by a notched-joint at the knife's pivot.  When closing the blade the notch produces resistance functionally similar to traditional slip-joint penknives.  Heightening control and comfort, Spyderco designers added a deep finger choil positioning the index finger on the bottom of the blade directly under the thumb.  This lets you choke up near the cutting edge with comfort and dexterity.  A tension-wire clip carries the folder deeply in a pocket, tip-up and ambidextrously. 

Very light (1.9 oz), and fast and easy to open and close. Blade length is just under 3 inches.
Made in Golden, Colorado, U.S.A. Earth.  (Says so right on the blade.)
Next to my old Endura.
The knife come with instructions on proper grip (index finger in the chiol), and advises cutting with pressure that keeps the blade open, and a warning to only use the point for delicate tasks. Stabbing something hard with this knife could cause it to close on your hand.
Not the proper grip.
 I usually carry a big scary knife on me. But I also like to have a small not-so-scary knife to use in polite company. Right now it is clipped on my shirt collar and I can hardly feel it there (bonus the wire clip is not grabbing my beard).  

Last year I posted a video of another slip knife the Spyderco Squeak.

And here is a "short" vid from Nutnfancy.

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