Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Act of Valor

Today you can go out and buy Act of Valor on DVD or Blu-ray.

And I suggest you go do so if you want to encourage them to make another movie.

In lieu of my own review,  I'll quote the world famous Tam:

 The plot is not Hitchcockian: Some bad guys are going to try and do bad things to America. A bunch of SEALs are attempting to stop them, mostly by shooting them in the face.
I am so used to watching gun handling in movies and thinking "You're Doing It Wrong!" that it was refreshing to see one that made me think "Huh. I'm Doing It Wrong."

I will also link  this review of the Blu-ray.  I assume it has more special features (I'll check that in the store).

Special Features:

audio commentary
six deleted scenes
introduction to the film by its directors
Seven of the Navy SEALs give brief interviews
“The Making of Act of Valor”
“Real Bullets”
“Real SEALs: Real Tactics”
“Silent Warriors” (heh...)


  1. I'm definitely buying this 'un on DVD.

  2. Available... Where?

  3. Haven't seen it yet, but I'll definitely have to buy it on Amazon.


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