Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This is Andrew Traver

View more news videos at: http://www.nbcchicago.com/video.

John Richardson over at No Lawyers Only Guns and Money has this video of Andrew Traver demonstrating the kind of judgement it take to be the potential leader of that merry band of clown-shoed thugs and stumblebums at BATFE.***

John rightly takes issue with Traver handing an assault rifle to a reporter and letting them shoot up the countryside (literally).

But this is also the classic gun control bait and switch, in which they show you video of a fully automatic assault rifle while they push for laws controlling semi-automatic "assault weapons."

Assault rifle is a term that has meaning to military logistics. While "assault weapon" is a term of political art. The latter was coined to muddy the waters of the gun control debate.

This kind of fake story is old hat in the gun control play book, Just ask 
Wayne LaPierre.

I also need to throw flags on the claims made in the video about body armor and ballistics testing.

7.62x39 Russian will most definitely cut through a Level II (and IIIA) vest but that is because these vests are made to stop handgun rounds.  These are typical of the concealed body armor you can't see the police wearing under their uniforms. 
Level III and IV body armor worn over the uniform by SWAT and military personnel are made to stop rifle rounds, and have done the job many times.

As to ballistics testing it can not "lead you to a gun dealer" as the video claims. That is what the serial number can do.

*** Thanks to Gay Cynic for that line.

Edit: I should have known Tam was the patient zero of snark.


  1. Well, we know from experience that effective gun control ended the violence of Prohibition.

    ... oh wait. *Repealing* Prohibition ended the violence.

    So why do we still have the Bureau of Alcohol, and why do they keep getting new letters on their acronym?

  2. Michael,

    As was asked by LawDog's bro here: "Oh, and why is there a Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms anyway? That makes as much sense as having a Bureau of Coal, Petroleum and Citrus Fruit."


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