Sunday, June 19, 2011

How I became a gun nut

My dad is a gun nut.

(yeah I'll write more later.)

Sneak peep


  1. Why I think that summed it up nicely.


  2. Also why I was born near Boot Hill.

  3. Hmm, mine can be summed up the opposite way with,

    My dad is an anti. His saying I couldn't buy a gun solidified it as the right choice in my mind.

    I still need to write my post too.

  4. I am still working on my 'gunny' post, but being from Pennsylvania, I am somehow missing what the picture imparts. The idea of a handgun owner ID card revolts me. Having moved to the free(er) state of Idaho, the PA denial of the right of private handgun sales infuriates me, so you can probably extrapolate my view on a handgun ID card.

  5. It is my dad's ID card from before I was born. I did mean to come back to this post and write more.


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