Friday, June 17, 2011

Above the law

There is an old saw in the gun control movement that guns should be regulated like cars.  I haven't seen this tripe thrown around in a while, but it was dredged from my memory by one particular tangent of weinergate.

From Hot Air
The one thing we can’t say with certitude is that Anthony Weiner has been registering his vehicles with the DMV.  The New York Daily News did a little investigating after seeing expired tags on his Nissan Pathfinder, and discovered that not only has the car not been registered, but the plates on them belong to a different car (via JWF):

Now I haven't found any video of the cars and guns line coming out the Congressman's mouth, but I'm more than sure that he would stand shoulder to shoulder with those who espoused it.

Much like MAIG and too many turbo-tax cheats, the law is only for little people.

Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors

Why Not Regulate Guns Like Cars? 

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