Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Good The Bad and The Fake

I don't know much about knife steels.

From the little research I have done S30V is one of the better steels you see in common production knives (Spyderco comes to mind).

That said I'm interested in the Buck Hartsook as it is the least costly option in S30V.

But buyer beware there are some  close copies out there, with all the markings of the real thing.

I don't really know if the Buck Smidgen is that bad. It is 420HC steel which is at the bottom of the scale. I don't know if it is much better than the Chinese mystery steel (maybe it is). 

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  1. 420HC is Buck's standard steel. It's been used in the 110 Folding Hunter for decades; it's a perfectly acceptable steel. You can also have the Buck Custom shop make you a 110 with an S30V blade for just $18.50 more than the standard 110.

    I have a Hartsook S30V myself, it's just a little sliver of a blade. Good for sticking in a minimalist survival kit or to hang around your neck.


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