Friday, January 20, 2012

No Girls Allowed

Keep digging GunsAmerica.

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  1. I suppose the women and girls need to "pay their dues" for fifteen years or so before they qualify as "real" shooters at GunsAmerica.

  2. I'd boycott, but that would imply that I used their service in the first place.

    Gunbroker is so much easier to use.

  3. This made me think of Tam and Breda (and Brigid, and Jennifer and...)

    Seen over at Dave Hardy's place...

  4. Douchebag.

    Seeing him operate that youth rifle in the sharp, herky-jerky movements makes me think of someone that would seriously say "we are operators operating in tactical environments."

  5. I don't want a manly gun. I want the kind of gun a girl would carry. Like Jennifer's FNP-45 Tactical. Or whichever plastic door stop that Tam is carrying. Come to think of it, my XD is kind of girly.

  6. This is the jerkwad from SHOT show, complaining about "Blogger Nobodies" making it hard for him to get a press pass, right?

    The one with a website that looks like it was a high school computer class project?

    This guy has single-handedly set back the sport a few decades. And you bet your butt he "Operates"...

  7. My Bersa matches Breda's. Now I just want to be able to shoot like a girl.

  8. I guess I missed the parts of eihter video that offended everyone here. Was it the phrase "Man's gun"? Huh.


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