Friday, July 22, 2011

Yea or Nay

What would you recommend for a budget house gun?

Maybe for someone short in stature (but not status) who has a predilection for .45 ACP?

I have been wondering about the Hi-Point 4595 carbine?

 Stop Laughing...

I know Hi-Points have a reputation as a pot metal boat anchor, but I have also heard they go bang every time. A few year ago (wow it was 2002) Gun Test Magazine tested a 9mm carbine from Hi-Point and rated it a Best Buy.

Here are some links.

Firearms Blog on the 45

Gun Blast on the 9

And a video review.

Edit: Down side is the 4595 is heavy 7.5lbs and low capacity 9 rds.

This is interesting, or it would be if you could share mags between a        1911 and 4595. There are 15 rd 1911 mags...

So what da ya think? Yea or Nay? (This is the part where you comment.)


  1. What can that do that a .45 ACP pistol can't?

  2. Have a shoulder stock

    and a red dot

    a long gun is just easier to hit with

    but if you buy a 1911 I'll be happy

  3. IMO if you're going to go the rifle route for a home defense gun it should be a rifle cartridge.

    Pistol Caliber Carbines are fun, but you might as well get something that serves multiple purposes.

    .223 does not have as bad as over penetration as people seem to think it does.

    Have a look at this:

  4. Going to have to concur... If you are going to the trouble of having a rifle-length firearm complete with buttstock and everything, you might as well have a round that was made for those applications, be a shotgun shell or a rifle caliber.

    'Course, if you are going for an SBR, I would stick with pistol-calibers...

  5. How big is the Budget? How often will it be shot? Is the ammo expensive to shoot? Who will be shooting it? How will it be stored when one is NOT in the House? Will you have to use it in the Backyard? If you have to use it outside, and you miss with it, how close are the Neighbors? Can you get it fixed if it does break? Are there local Laws that only a allow a Long Gun, and if not, why try to do a House Clearing with both hands full? Can you move Children and the Elderly and Disabled while maneuvering in the House with a Long Gun?

    I'd be looking at all those questions first (and many others) before I'd buy a particular Self-Defense Tool, then try to fit it into my Home Security Plan.

    Having said all that, if a Hi-Point Carbine fits YOUR particular Situation, I'd get it in 9mm, if only because running 500 rounds through it for reliability testing is cheaper than 500 rounds of .45ACP. But the Wife and I feel perfectly Safe at night, knowing that there's a 4" K-Frame laying in her Nightstand next to a good flashlight. My Smith 4043 goes into my Night Stand at the end of the day, but YMMV, of course.

  6. ATI sells a replacement stock that makes the Hi-Point much more visually appealing. It's almost BSG-like:

    Plus one on the 9mm recommendation. A 9mm hollowpoint running out of a carbine is a much different animal than one running out of a pistol barrel.


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