Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The word you are looking for is Kristallnacht

Maher: 'If a Brick Came Through Rupert Murdoch’s Apartment' Fox 'Would Be a Lot More Gentle' to Protesters

Go ahead and scream Godwin, Bill Maher is still a Nazi.

So is she...



  1. People used to go to Jail for Advocating the Violent Overthrow of the United States. Wonder what ever happened to that Law? And don't you just LOVE the Hypocrisy of the Multi-Millionaire Marxists saying we should Kill the Rich?

  2. Didn't the media jump up and down over the "window" comment from the Threepers?

  3. Which comment? From which Threeper??? You'll have to narrow it down.

  4. Where is the media clamoring about and castigating Maher for "violent rhetoric" and "inciting violence."

    Oh right, they ignore violent lefties.

  5. This was on MSNBC.

    And today on the MSNBC morning show someone said the protest needs a "Kent State" moment...


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