Sunday, August 14, 2011

You can't say that on television

Well it sure wouldn't fly in most major news rooms.

Another local news story (from 2008) about TDI with this jaw dropping line about gun free zones.

"And now the tacticians believe these signs may actually serve as an invitation to Mass murders."

At this time the youtube has 50 hits. I want to see how far the Gun Blogs can push it.


Edited to add:  I got to this story a few years late.  Googling I found a blogger who was on the ball, and has some info on how the story was received.

From Where I Sit  (Go read the whole thing)

We have received many requests about the source for our assertion that most mass murders have occurred in otherwise “gun free” zones.

Based on data from the SEALE study, an analysis by TDI, and our own painstaking research, we are able to say definitively that most “active killer” shootings have occurred in so-called “gun free” zones. The experts who say they may be “invitations” are also John Benner and Ron Borsch who have six decades of law enforcement experience and training between them.

Here is the print story.

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