Monday, July 11, 2011

Why We Win: on the Travel Channel

Take a famous New York Chef, give him a hit TV show on the Travel Channel, send him and his crew out to the Ozarks, and what happens?

He gets all gun nutty.

First he cleans a squirrel and eats squirrel pot pie and some bow hunt venison.  Then he goes gigging for fish, which turns out to be more dangerous than hunting.  Then there is an unsuccessful raccoon hunt. Duck hunting and duck cooking. And finally, just because that is not enough, some tin cans get shot to end the show.

Part one, Part two, and Part three starts with the duck hunting.

And this is no fluke.  Guns are fairly common on the show. For example
Anthony Bourdain has rode along on a seal hunt and shot full-autos with Ted Nugent

And there are other shows out there that put guns in front of several million eyeballs. Mythbusters being one of the best. As well as Pawn Stars, American Pickers and Auction Hunters (a show I just discovered). Hell even Top Gear on the BBC tried some skeet shooting.

Throw in shows like Top Shot and Sons of Guns and the TV guide must make Sarah Brady a very sad lonely Panda.


  1. I just watched my first episode of this show yesterday. I was super impressed that Bourdain doesn't pretend he doesn't smoke while the cameras are running.

    I never got that.

  2. TC website say he finally quit smoking (maybe a new baby thing).

    Forgot to mention when the show was in Beirut as the war between Hezbollah and Israel pops off.

    Great video of the US Marines hitting the beach to extract our people.

  3. There are no "anti-gun TV shows" .....aside from the major MSM news outlets that is.

  4. The show's point is to be awesome and exotic.

    Guns are, sadly, exotic to a lot of folks-- and they are, gladly, awesome. ^.^

  5. I keep seeing spots for Sons of Gun on Discovery starts 9pm E/P Wed. 13th.

    Looks interesting I didn't catch the fist season.


  6. Well, I'm not going to put up for sainthood or poster boy a rich brat who is a former heroine addict. That got his start in a shitty chain resturant even though he went to culinary school, and whose only concern is for his own personal gratification.

    You're right though guns do usually come off positive or at least fun on TV.

  7. Chris must be one of those people who stands to the side making snarky comments on people who are actually in the arena. Get a life

  8. Chris:

    Pray tell, how does one get addicted to a "heroine"? I would really like to hook up with a real life female hero.

    Now, if you meant "heroin", that makes more sense because that is a drug.

  9. I like the show, but being used by the junta in Cuba pissed me off. He does puff pieces in Saudi/Cuba but won't touch Israel. Though it's his show, I do have a clicker.

  10. "Sons of Guns" on Discovery is a good gun show. It's a reality show about Baton Rouge gun smithing shop run by an ex-marine. They do a lot of fun stuff and you get to see the technical details of the weapons and their designs. It's a kind of "guns for geeks" or mayby a "gun geek" sort of show.

  11. The Bow & Rifle-Hunting Shows on Versus and another channel, I recently lost by changing cable companies, are also very popular. Can't wait to buy my first handgun and/or rifle after I flee my home of Brooklyn, NY.

  12. Oh, the Sarah Brady who made a straw purchase some years ago for a 22 rifle for her son in DE; the same state that illegally kept computer records of gun purchases; but they did throw away the paper records. So good of them. Did she or the person who authorized the keeping of gun sales records spend time in jail or even get arrested? No. AG Holder, when he was acting AG under Clinton, did the same thing as was done in DE. Are these MSM acknowledged incidents? I don't think so. Just saying.

  13. I like Anthony Bourdain because he does travel to very out of the way places and he does eat foods that are very outlandish.

    In his defense, he is a reformed heroin addict, he does travel well of the beaten track here in the US and abroad. Saw his show about Saudi Arabian culture and yes he was politically correct but he was poking fun at her as well.

    Tremendous dislikes: This is not a tourist show. I don't have friends in high places, I don't have dollars and time to throw around travelling so if you aren't prepared for those contingencies you will be very disappointed. I don't have friends with full auto machine guns and a firing range in the countryside. Its very much a show about him and his quirks.

  14. There are no "anti-gun TV shows" .....aside from the major MSM news outlets that is.

    Well, except for "Law & Order"!

  15. Bourdain's show is about a guy who likes interesting food and new experiences. He is also a devastatingly honest informant on seamy side of the restaurant industry. I particularly liked his response to a reader question about culinary schools- it was unvarnished and practical.
    He may have "made poor choices" as a young man, but at least he doesn't BS about it.
    And how could a guy who loves organ meat NOT get along with Ted Nugent?

  16. Anon @9:44: Sorry, but Sarah Brady bought a rifle for her son as a gift legally, not as a straw purchase. The Form 4473 asks "Is this a gift?", and then you give the info for the recipient.
    She-ra made a big deal, probably due to guilt, claiming that the Evil Merchant of Death made a big deal about selling a rifle to THAT Sarah Brady! EMOD denied that he even realized she was THAT Sarah Brady.
    Most of us ignernt redneck knuckle-dragging neanderthals just got a kick out her hypocrisy.


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