Saturday, July 30, 2011

Grandma Got run over by a debt ceiling

Ed Morrissey asked for it so don't blame me

Grandma Got run over by a debt ceiling

Vetoed by the White House a mid-sumer eve

You may think the trust fund still is solvent

the MSM tells lies that you believe

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  1. Senate Bill Shot down by the House, House Bill Shot down by the Senate, Obama looking Worried, Reid looking Worried, Pelosi looking Stoned (as Usual), Boehner realizes that he can't go back to the "Good Ol' Days" of feeding some Pork to the Tea Party and they'll Shut Up; by Crom, it looks like Politics is a breakin' out all over! BTW, it looks like Harry Reid has some Super Secret Vote scheduled for 1:00 am Sunday Morning (H/T to Michelle Malkin). And, as usual, it's ALL Bush's Fault. As for me, I'll think I'll eat some Lasagna and watch some Netflix with the Wife. Have Fun!


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