Sunday, July 3, 2011

the emperor has no clothes and is kind of a dick

View from the Red Eye

The lesson here: when Joe & Mika say they have your back you can kiss your ass goodbye.

Also I'm not joking about the emperor's new clothes.  I wish this was the turning point that woke up the masses. But who am I kidding, this happened on MSNBC, so no one was watching. It can not counter balance TIME magazine putting a dick on the cover 7 time during the 08 election season.


  1. Do you care about typos?

    "the emperor has no close and is kind of a dick"

    should be

    "the emperor has no clothes and is kind of a dick"

  2. thank I needed that.

    Google failed me as a spell check.

  3. If it wasn't for RedEye, I wouldn't know what jackassery the other networks get up to.


  4. Yeah, if TIME is gonna put a dick on the cover that much they should put some pussy on the cover too, for equality sake.


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