Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rick Perry & Al Gore (WTF)

Rick Perry Was Al Gore’s Texas Campaign Chairman in 1988.

Ho hum? 
Let's call the whole thing off?

Digging into the forum posts, I am inclined to agree with this argument:

Rick Perry in 1988 was honorary chairman of Al Gore's campaign in the Democrat primary in Texas. Perry at the time was a conservative Democrat State Representative. Al Gore's campaign in 1988 was short lived because Dukakis wrapped up the nomination quickly. Like most conservative Democrats during that period a quarter century ago, Perry made an easy transition into being a conservative Republican, he ran for Agriculture Commissioner in 1990 and was elected as a Republican. 
And Also
Al Gore back in 1988 was posing as a moderate Democrat, in fact of all the Democrats running that year Gore posed as the most conservative. He morphed into Mr Climate Change later. 

PolitiFact has this quote from Perry:

"Going through that (Gore experience) was part of what started me through the process of changing parties in 1989," Perry said. "I came to my senses."

h/t to the Dennis Miller Radio Show heard on 1280


  1. Now, now, let's review our History. Reagan was a Democrat AND a Union Thug (SAG) before he came to his senses. Not that I'm enamored of ANY current Republitard Politician at this moment...

  2. Does anybody think that the Al Gore we know and love, the crunchy bunny-hugging Al of An Inconvenient Truth, could have been elected to statewide office in Tennessee in 1985?


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