Friday, June 3, 2011

Good day at the range

Awhile back an old friend came into town and my father and I had the chance to take him and his father to the range.  My friend had been shooting with us once before many years ago, and his father had been a member of a college rifle team.

At the range I was very relieved that the new rifle tables were a perfect fit for my friends powered wheelchair. A little duck tape, some para cord, and an Outers Varminter  Rest (bought just for this purpose), plus my fathers 10/22 international and he drove right up and was good to go.

Plinking at the backstop. Note chair controller 

Technically speaking my friend is not a quadriplegic but he was born with knee and elbow joints not made to spec.  He aimed the rifle with his chin looking through a 2 power magnification red dot scope and fired off shots as fast as his heart desired, while I kept him in loaded magazines and made any course elevation adjustments that he called out by turning the silver drum on the rifle rest.

Varminter Rest: $75 Shooting with no hands: priceless

I almost always go to the range with my dad so maybe I take it for granted. But I have to admit it felt good to bring another family into the tradition.

My friend watching his father shoot

I'm sure the NRA Disabled Shooting Clinic or HAVA have much more professional equipment. But my cobbled together rig served with distinction, and my friend was very accurate, breaking clay birds resting on the backstop and chasing tin cans.

All in all it was an awesome father, son day at the range.


  1. Gun people really are good people - and you're one of the best, MSJ.

  2. Hi Jack! Glad to see your up and running! I know, I need one also, but we are partially done with our Tech Upgrades here, so with fingers crossed....

  3. Looking good. Just goes to prove that all you really need is the will to try. Anything's possible with the right mindset.

    WV: holodali. What you say to the Dali Lama when you meet him on the street.

  4. I've got a huge grin on my face. "Look, Ma! No hands!!"

  5. Nancy- It was very hard to resist that title.

  6. As usual, Breda's referrals do not disappoint. Ear-to-ear grin over here...good stuff.

  7. Inspiring. Looked like a great deal of fun for all.

  8. That is pretty cool, alright.

    (...and ten out of ten style points for the Mannlicher-stocked 10/22 RSI. :) )

  9. Love your sense of honor, my friend. Saw the link at Breda's, and she didn't steer us wrong.

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