Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Yo Dog, I heard you like Spyderco

I may have found my calling on the blogosphere.

Starting on the bottom
$10 flea market special
Spyderco Harpy
Byrd Crossbill
Spyderco Endura
Spyderco Spydercard
Spyderco Massad Ayoob
and the odd man out
Masters of Defense Razorback

The last is included as part of the Massad Ayoob collection 

The flea market special was my first carry knife unaffiliated with the Armed Forces of Switzerland.
The Harpy knife is my third. number one is gone. number two spent several years under the washing machine.

My Ace in the Hole is the Spydercard. Never leave home without it (assuming I have pants).
They don't make em' anymore so if you see one buy it.


  1. "My Ace in the Hole is the Spydercard. Never leave home without it (assuming I have pants)."

    Well, that leaves Robb Sierra Oscar Lima...

  2. Tam is reading my blog...Tam is reading my reading,,,my blog...

  3. Ever since you showed me the Spydercard at the NRA convention I have wanted one. NOW you tell me they are not available?

    Oh the Humanity!!

  4. Miller- I am sustained by your sweet salty tears.

    Quick google shows one on ebay for $130. that's $100 extra.

    You can also look for the discontinued Flat Byrd which is close but no cigar.

  5. Hiya! Do you know how to check if your own content is unique around the whole blogosphere and no other person is it without letting you know about it?


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