Saturday, June 11, 2011

Out on the town

My friend Gary (click to listen) has a gig tonight (8-12) at Blinker Tavern so stop by if you are local.

(I'm pretty sure no one local is reading my blog.)

(Ass-u-me.)  Just saw an amazing greeting post from Mark at Baby Troll Blog.
Also discounted my blog brother Merlin.

Fyi many years ago Gary was lead singer for a band called mad saint jack.

(yes, fanboyhood is in my nature.)

Edit: My friends Gary and (Icouldtellyoubuti'dhavetokillyou) were there.  Where were you?

Next Friday (June 17th) Gary will be playing again. Same time same place, plan accordingly.

I posed her for this pic. I am ashamed to share the same series of tubes with Oleg Volk.


  1. The patio on the left looks like an awesome place to have a beer. :)

    (And I am something of an authority on porches and patios and suchlike.)

  2. You are invited (another friend is the manager).

    Tell Oleg I'm sorry for bending the curve down.


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