Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lewis Black is not joking.

I was a big fan of Lewis Black way back when.

What is funny is he has a more cohesive plan for gun control that the Brady Bunch who use him as a mascot.

Morgan asked: “what can it seriously, realistically do?”

“Billion dollar lottery, and you can only get a ticket by handing in a gun,” Black replied, deadpanning, “I guarantee they will do it.”
This was on CNN so apparently no one saw it.

Black is right about one thing, I am too exhausted to write more about him.


  1. So, I can hand in that old broken revolver that's worth nothing and get a ticket for a billion dollar lotto? Yeah, I'll go for that.

    If the mega millions hadn't been won on that 640 million drawing, I think the next one would have been close to or over a billion.

  2. I think I'd have turned in one of those "guns" that the TSA won't allow through security ... http://tinyurl.com/7wa8e2h

  3. Let's see...would I willing to trade in a $500 gun for a less-than-lightening-chance $Billion Lotto award, when I'm completely unwilling to pay $1 for that same award?

    Ultimately, such a scheme assumes that gun owners are poor, uneducated rednecks who can't see a bad idea when it presents itself. Of course, the demographic of gun owners are completely opposite!

    And when you consider all the things that a gun represents--protecting family, protecting freedom, even food on the table and recreation--I'm a fool if I'm willing to sacrifice all that, just so I could have a long shot at a fortune!

    After all, what was it that the finders pledged? Their lives, their fortunes, their sacred honor...


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