Monday, April 16, 2012

Internets. I can haz Winning the???

Mad Saint Jack
Fanboy shakes... I haz them
· Saturday at 11:48am via mobile

For the record My Breda fanboyhood is unwavering even though I was reading Massad Ayoob as a teenager.

But I really did feel like I was shaking after I met him.


  1. I am SO glad you got to meet one of your boyhood heroes - how cool is that?

    (also? I'm not even in the same universe as Mr. Ayoob.)

  2. BTW- a lot of us ARE waiting for Breda to start blogging again... can someone please supply her with a new gunchick to get started?

  3. That's not nice of Breda, Teasing MSJ with the "I'm gonna start blogging" again.....

  4. LOL, we did have some fun, and yes Breda missed it...

  5. The poor guy. He was just trying to take his tie off and walk through a crowded Irish pub when some big drunk Norwegian guy asked to shake his hand and started a chain reaction of "squee" that took him 15 minutes to extract himself from. Glad you got to see him, MSJ.


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