Friday, September 23, 2011


This whole take the knife out of your pocket meme assumes you are wearing pants (but we will just skip over that part).

I have lots of knives (no idea how many) so I tend to rotate what I'm carrying.

But most of the time I will have a Cold Steel AK-47 (old model) on my left side.

not my photo

On the right side I change thing more, but the Byrd Cross Bill or Spyderco Harpy get carried a lot. (top and middle.)

bottom is my first flee market special

And I always have my ace in the hole.

Normally I'll have some kind of neck knife tied off inside my leather vest, (like the CS Spike or Mini-Tac or Para Edge) but not right now. 

And I also have knives I carry inside the waistband but those don't count in this meme...

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